For Contributors

Submissions are invited in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Faith and the Political Voice
  • Religious Holidays: meaning, practice, etc
  • Religion and Popular Culture
  • The Urban Sacred
  • Sacred Texts and Theological Imagination
  • Everyday Spirituality
  • Redefining ecumenism and interreligious/interfaith
  • Multiculturalism in faith communities, schools, work
  • Globalization, religion and demographic/geographic issues

If you would like to make a submission, please send the following, with “FVPS Blog Submission” in the subject line, to

  • Your blog post (2-4 paragraphs, no more than 800-1000 words) including its title, as an Microsoft Word attachment
  • a thumbnail photo of you (jpg)
  • your name as you would like it to appear (any prefixes / suffixes to your name included)
  • your vocation “title” and a short, few sentence bio
  • optionally your web address for direct responses from the readership.

We will respond to all emails and let you know if your submission has been accepted, and when it will be posted on the blog.

A standard blog is approximately 4 paragraphs (800-1000 words).

Different formats are invited: 1 writer sharing a personal experience; 2 writers engaging in point/counterpoint or compare/contrast articles, followed by a response; 3-4 writers giving different perspectives on the same issue.   Our blog posts very between slightly more academic and personal reflection, anything that fits the overall theme of the blog is acceptable.

The full guidelines for contributors can be found here.

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